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INTRODUCTION: A Revolutionary Day that follows the 1777  British invasion from Chesapeake Bay.
Early Morning — Mile Mark 0 
Elk Neck, Maryland: The 1777 British invasion from Chesapeake Bay began here. Nearly 300 war and transport ships disembarked over 15,000 British troops from the Elk River.
Northeast: The British expected the Tories in towns like Northeast to roll out the red carpet.
Elkton: The British army passed through Elkton heading north in 1777 to put an end to the American Revolution. The American and French armies passed through Elkton heading south in 1781, putting an end to the American Revolution.
Mid-Morning — Mile Mark 13.0
Cooch’s Bridge, Delaware: The first significant engagement with the British occurred here on September 3, 1777.
Newark: Visit the Newark Academy, which boasts three signers of the Declaration of Independence as alumni.
Late Morning — Mile Mark 47.9
Brandywine Battlefield, Pennsylvania: The first major engagement with the British army occurred here on September 11, 1777.
Early-Afternoon — Mile Mark 78.8
Valley Forge: Although no military engagements were fought here, approximately 2,000 American soldiers died in a battle to survive the winter. Of all the places associated with the American Revolution, none conveys more the suffering, sacrifice, and ultimate triumph of American forces than Valley Forge.
Mid-Afternoon — Mile Mark 88.6
Germantown: Visit the battlefield where for the first time during the invasion from Chesapeake Bay, the American Army had parts of the British Army in full retreat, but were unable to pursue a victory.
Late Afternoon — Mile Mark 115.5
Old Philadelphia: Spend the rest of the day visiting the birthplace of the United States including the homes of the First and Second Continental Congress, the Liberty Bell and Franklin Court. Complete the day with dinner at the City Tavern and a bed at the Thomas Bond House.
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