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INTRODUCTION: A Revolutionary Day that follows the 1775 capture of Fort Ticonderoga.
Early Morning -- Mile Mark 0-34.9
PITTSFIELD, MA: On May 1st, 1775 at Easton's Tavern, Edward Mott of Connecticut, John Brown and James Easton of Pittsfield met here to begin planning the first offensive military action against the British -- the capture of Fort Ticonderoga.
WILLIAMSTOWN, MA: Pass through the home of Williams College, which was also a recruiting stop in 1775 and 1777.
Mid-Morning -- Mile Mark 34.9-63.8
OLD BENNINGTON, VT: On the May 3rd, 1775 at the Catamount Inn, Ethan Allen met with Edward Mott, John Brown and James Easton to discuss the capture of Fort Ticonderoga. Two years later, Bennington's abundant storehouses would be an unsuccessful target of Burgoyne's British invasion from Canada.
BENNINGTON BATTLEFIELD, NY: Visit the hilltop where British Forces, consisting mostly of  mercenary Hessians under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Friedrick Baum, were surrounded and engaged by American Forces from New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont. The British Forces surrendered on August 16, 1777.
Late Morning -- Mile Mark 63.8-116.0
ARLINGTON, VT: In 1775, Arlington was a crossroad to a small advancing American army going to Fort Ticonderoga. 
MANCHESTER, VT: In 1775, Manchester was a crossroad to Fort Ticonderoga, but also a crossroad to a much larger American army, this one in retreat in 1777.
RUTLAND, VT: Briefly visit two memorials placed by the Daughters of the American Revolution.
Early Afternoon -- Mile Mark 116.0-146.3
CASTLETON, VT: In the spring of 1775, Ethan Allen, Seth Warner, Edward Mott, John Brown and Benedict Arnold met here to make final plans for the attack on Fort Ticonderoga and Fort Crown Point.
HUBBARDTON BATTLEFIELD, VT: On July 7, 1777, the rear guard of Americans retreating down the military road from Fort Ticonderoga were attacked here by British forces.
Mid-Afternoon -- Mile Mark 146.3-158.8
MOUNT INDEPENDENCE, VT: This was the winter home for over 2000 American troops from 1776-1777.
FORT TICONDEROGA, NY: Visit the restored Fort Ticonderoga. No fort in the world has had such an active, yet short history. In two decades, this fort was the center of attack by great nations six times, four of these between 1775 and 1777. 
Late Afternoon -- Mile Mark 158.8-191.1
FORT CROWN POINT, NY: This historic site holds the impressive ruins of Fort Crown Point, which includes redoubts, barracks and parade ground.
LAKE CHAMPLAIN MARITIME MUSEUM, VT: Tour a full-sized, 54-foot replica of Benedict Arnold’s 1776 gunboat, the Philadelphia II.
Early Evening -- Mile Mark 191.1-211.2
SHELBURNE, VT: Home of the expansive Shelburne Museum.
BURLINGTON, VT: Visit the Ethan Allen Homestead. Although the homestead is closed in the evening, the park that surrounds it is open to the public until dark.


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