The Box Set of Revolutionary War Road Trips
present the historical markers and
their locations in book form that is 
easily taken on the road.

to all the historical sites!




Fasten Your Seat Belts for One-Day Driving Tours that Trace the
American Revolution along America's Most Scenic Highways.

A Revolutionary War Road Trip on ...


Or order the Road Trips individually 
(price includes shipping and handling and NYS taxes if applicable) .

Book: "A Revolutionary War Road Trip on US Route 4", ISBN 1-931373-09-4, $12.99
Book: "A Revolutionary War Road Trip on US Route 7", ISBN 1-931373-10-8, $12.99
Book: "A Revolutionary War Road Trip on US Route 9", ISBN 1-931373-12-4, $12.99
Book: "A Revolutionary War Road Trip on US Route 9W", ISBN 1-931373-11-6, $12.99
Book: "A Revolutionary War Road Trip on US Route 202", ISBN 1-931373-13-2, $12.99
Book: "A Revolutionary War Cruise on the Champlain Canal", ISBN 1-931373-14-0, $12.99

You can also order Print-On-Demand copies of the books at
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TOLL FREE number at 1-866-308-6235 
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